1+1= Hebrew Fluency

Reinforcing our Commitment

A key aspect of the “Harmony in Hebrew” course of study is the emphasis on Hebrew expression using the four primary language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Learning via immersion helps students to learn a language naturally, the way they learned their native language, as children. The pronunciation, intonation, and vocal and facial emotions are absorbed as part of the process of learning.

With “The Harmony of Hebrew” program, the immersive language studies are integrated into the curriculum, which creates a stronger impact on the students. The combination of Jewish history, Israeli culture, and special days such as Independence Day and Memorial Day, is elevated by introducing all-encompassing Hebrew studies to create a more holistic and complete picture for the student. 

The students can see that each subject of study does not stand on its own, as an isolated pursuit, but that all of the subjects are intertwined and interconnected.